The Mesa Advantage

Dependable service, competitive pricing and minimization of environmental liability are what make Mesa Environmental stand out from the crowd.

The Mesa Advantage — Service

Dependable, quality service for all types of oil waste is our number one priority. Our company-owned fleet of collection trucks can be dispatched on scheduled intervals or on short notice through our 24-hour dispatch.

The Mesa Advantage — Environmental Compliance

Our expertise comes from over 30 years of operation using our unique internal processing technology to recover petroleum products. This expertise and our knowledge of federal and state regulations means you can count on us to minimize your liability.

The Mesa Advantage — Floating Price Structure

Unlike most other used oil companies, we use a floating price structure. We set our used oil purchase price at a discount off of No. 6 fuel oil, which changes monthly. As the price of crude oil goes up, the price of No. 6 fuel oil goes up — so the price we pay our customers goes up too.

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